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Cat in the Hat - Box

Cat in the Hat
Ages: Everyone

Unlike recent games made from movies where the movie was better that the game Cat in the Hat has reversed the trend. Don't let the panning of the move keep you from this fun, colorful and joyful platform game. And don't think that the game is just for kids, I have seen 20 year olds totally captivated by this game.

No - the game doesn't' follow the story either but the animation of the main character feels more in sync with the book. Cat enters Conrad and Sally's house where various normal objects have morphed into bizarre worlds. Cat must set everything to rights. The animation and settings are inventive and amusing. Clever platform challenges of the insides of car engines, refrigerators, clocks, bathtubs need to be navigated with only Cat's bubble shooting umbrella.

This is a cheerful game for the holidays and a great family pastime for those who play and even for those who watch.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

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