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Fritz 8 - Play Chess - Box

Fritz 8 - Play Chess
Ages: Everyone

I am not a chess player so I am writing from the recommendations of others. The consensus is that this is a great program - even better than Deep Blue. No that is not a dolphin adventure. It refers to IBM's computer chess program. This hybrid 2 disk set plays on both PCs and Macs.

While it has an introductory course for beginners - this is really a product for advance players - you know your 9 year genius who wants to become a Grandmaster. There are many types of instruction available:

-opening, middle and endgame training -ongoing commentary on board events -spy, hint and threatened squares function -game analysis -giant openings book -5000,000 database of games -and a one year membership to

If all of the above makes sense to you - this one is for you.

Reviewed by: Editor - 12/03

  • Fritz 8 - Play Chess
  • © Viva Media $34.99
  • W98 Me XP 2000 MAC OSX
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