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Zoombinis Logical Journey
Zoombinis Mountain Rescue

Ages 8 and up

The Zoombinis are back, the Zoombinis are back. Zoombinis Logical Journey is the re-re-release of the original Logical Journey of the Zoombinis and Zoombinis Mountain Rescue is a new game but uses the same format. If something is good - don't mess around with it. The original game came out in 1996 and has stayed a favorite since then. It has been out print for years but always makes the top of the list of favorite games.

Each game has about ten perplexing situations to conquer before you can get to a new land or rescue trapped Zoombinis. The journey involves navigating a group of these cute blue critters through different logical gates. There aren't many help tips - and that is part of the game - to figure out what exactly is required. A real life skill. The game play is exceedingly well done and players will persevere to find the solution and are pleased when they solve the puzzles. Both games have four levels of difficulties to keep you coming back for more. And while you are busy having fun - oops - you are being exposed to set theory, algebra, binary numbers, data sorting, graphing, and hypothesis testing. The original Zoombinis came with a user's guide oriented to parents with descriptions of what skills were involved in each game. To get it now, you have to print it out. The game does come with a Zoombini deck of cards - which also has puzzles on them. Portable, and good to keep for long car rides and boring dinners.

Don't expect fancy wiz bang graphics; the effort has been put into the game play. Both games make use of the Touch Sense capabilities so if you have a mouse with force feedback like the Logitech iFeel Mouse - you can shake rattle and role. These are truly game classics. Collect them all - play them - pass them on to your grandchildren. Thinking is such fun.

Editor Review 11/01

In the new Zoombini game, Mountain Adventure, lots of the puzzles are harder but some are easier. There are different games on it that aren't on the old one. The beetle one is the hardest where you have to match up the beetle with the correct dot that is the same color on its back. Sometimes it's a strategy game which means you have to think of an idea of what to do next. It isn't much different than the old one, but one or two of them are different. I like it because it makes your brain work. When you quit the game the Zoombinies go back to the campsite. There isn't very much distance between the campsites. I would recommend this game to a kid who likes to solve puzzles or play strategy.

Review by Elizabeth S.

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