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ant bully - Review

ant bully
Ages: Everyone 10+

I was wondering how much of the story would remain after the port from the PS2 to the GBA. Much of it is conveyed by the back and forth interchange between Lucas and Zoc, including Zoc's comment about dismemberment as an option to refusing to do the tasks assigned. The graphics are simplified and action takes place mainly in the garden. Full screen scrolling instead of side to side opens up the game. Focus is mainly on battling enemies -- bugs, spiders and wasps, and on using telepathy to get ants to work together in tasks that cannot be accomplished alone. I was surprised to see that the cost for the PS2 version and the GBA were almost identical. For the price difference of three bucks, I would go with the PS2 -- unless you want the portability.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/06

  • ant bully
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