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We Love Katamari
Ages: Everyone

This game is just one big ball of fun. Not all of it makes sense and each scene brings another wild surprise but grab the controls -- nothing to fear here except the King's deprecating comments and his shooting laser eyes.

You play Prince of the Cosmos who is trying to please his father, the King of the Cosmos by making katamaris -- rolled up gobs of things that the king flings into the universe to make stars. The story is not why you play this game, read on.

The game is not so different from the original -- and that is a good thing. It gives people who have never played the game a chance to join the crowd of fans and for those who have played, it new scenes and things to gobble up. There are different challenges from making a small flower ball, to gobbling up entire cities. The objects to katamarinize are endless -- schools, including the kids, animals, buildings, underwater creatures, even food for a sumo wrestler. Meeting the katamari challenge is only the beginning -- try it with two people in control -- and bring an audience.

While this sounds simple, once you get started you realize what rolling up objects does to the geometry of the katamari and how its maneuverability has changed. All of this plus an amusing back story about the King's love life, crazy Japanese pop music, fugues. sounds that I have no words for, and humor that has you laughing out loud. Gads there are so few funny feel good games. Glad to see that there are some wild and crazy guys out there making games.

Reviewed by: Editor - 11/05

  • We Love Katamari
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