Mercury Meltdown - Review

Mercury Meltdown
Ages: Everyone

What a fun game this is. My earliest fascination with mercury happened when I was about 7. When thermometers broke you could take the mercury, roll it around in your palm, press it down with your thumb and break it into a million tiny balls and finally coat a penny with the mercury to make it look like a dime.

The shapes that mercury takes in the game follow the actual physics. It blobs around while you tilt the platform to make it go through a maze, trying to avoid hazards that will smash it to pieces, gobble up your mercury, or crumble beneath you. Other objects will help or hinder your way through the maze, a conveyor, bounce pad, guillotine and a color changer. Your final goal is to reach an exit, without falling off the platform, save enough of your mercury so you can use the pressure point and match the exit color. Coloring your mercury, using the RGB light spectrum is both informative and fun. Depending on the color needed you might have to split your mercury into three of four balls. It's a game you can enjoy from the git-go and as it advances, you will be challenged to play strategically. Who would have thought it from a ball of mercury?

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/06

  • Mercury Meltdown
  • © Ignition Entertainment
  • PlayStation Portable
  • To Order: PSP $39.99

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