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Myst --  10th Anniversary DVD Edition - Box

Myst -- 10th Anniversary DVD Edition
Ages: Everyone

I envy those people who haven't played the Myst games yet. What a wonderful experience to look forward to. Ubisoft has put out a 10th anniversary edition (gads has it been that long?) that includes Myst, Riven and Exile for the PC and Mac. I have played all three games, sharing it with someone. A great two-person game.

The acclamation, both mine and others have been written before. These adventure/wander games have incredible worlds to visit, haunting music, complex puzzles but most of all it totally draws you into the worlds created by the Rand brothers who have create an amazing mythology to support their legends. You will not easily forget this journey.

Reviewed by: Editor - 10/04

  • Myst -- 10th Anniversary DVD Edition
  • © Ubisoft $16.99
  • W98 XP MAC OSX
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