Schizm: Mysterious Journey - Box

Schizm: Mysterious Journey

You and your partner bring a supply ship to an alien planet. However, you still cannot contact the research team on the planet, and your ship's systems mysteriously fail. You are forced to descend to the planet in separate escape pods.

You each arrive in different locations, but have radio communication with each other. You can switch back and forth between the two characters and their separate locations as they try to locate the research team, solve the mystery of the vanished native population and to meet each other. Later on in the play the two characters must cooperate with each other to solve some of the problems.

The planet Argilus has been painstakingly created, with lovely and fantastic spires in one place, and linked floating baloons in another. The locations are exquisite and the accompanying music and sounds (even including your footsteps as you walk around) amplify your experience. The non-violent story line, which has been fully developed, allows you ample scope for exploration, and the 360 degree renderings give you panoramic views. The are the expected rations of elevators, rusted machinery, living and mechanical contraptions, valves and locks to puzzle over. Transport via aerial baloons, trams, gondolas, flying fish-baloons and self-propelled islands is enjoyable. Save the game in each location so that you can go back later and just explore the space!

I found the puzzles obscure and intractable, but DreamCatcher sells a Solution Guide. Don't leave the store without one!

This is a huge game. I have reviewed the DVD version, which "contains more grapics and gameplay than the CD boxed set". Schizm is well worth the combined price of the game and the Guide.

Reviewed by Rhoda B. 12/01

  • Schizm: Mysterious Journey
  • © DreamCatcher Games, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • CD Version (5 CDs) $29.95 - Solution Guide $9.99
  • DVD Version $29.95 - Solution Guide $9.99
  • Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000
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