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Sims2 Open for Business -- Expansion Pack  - Review

Sims2 Open for Business -- Expansion Pack
Ages: Everyone

I have been waiting for this game for a long time -- and finally it's here. As you may ascertain from this website -- I am interested in and involved with girls.

I have seen girls profoundly discouraged in trying to get into the job stream. The situation is made even more difficult if there is a lack of education, and sometimes even education isn't enough of a help

One of the important guides that benefit girls most is to stay in school and learn how to find work. Girls who do not have the benefit of higher education often do poorly at finding jobs. The advice that I have seen that offers the best solution to this impasse is, "If you can't find a job -- make one."

This is where Sims2 - Open for Business comes in. By engaging the inventiveness and energy of the person, new paths are created and a new ways of seeing are developed.

Electronic Arts has done their research well. Opening a beauty shop is the venture most often chosen, but the game doesn't stop there. Almost anything you can conceive of can be created. I am working on an after hours hardware/coffee café.

Players are introduced to the many tasks involved in doing business, from stocking shelves, buying and making merchandise, pricing, creating the environment, the hours of business, managing the employees, salesmanship and satisfying the customers and even the press. Success is not guaranteed -- you have to earn it.

All this is done with humor and a light touch, Even to having David Gahan, on the radio singing a Depeche Mode song in Simlish. But underneath the humor are sound business lessons. This is a game that addresses the important facts of life -- earning a living. I would put one in every school in the country.

Sims2 Open for Business is an expansion pack so you need to the original Sims 2, and remember they must be installed in different directories. As always there is "new stuff" -- this time geared to making businesses. The manual that comes with the game is pretty lean -- If you really want to get ahead -- I would recommend reading the Sims 2 - Open for Business strategy guide put out by Prima Games.

Reviewed by: Editor - 08/06

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